Portfolio of coding examples - Dick Kluis

I am not a designer. I am focussed functional quality code.
I am able, when given a design to implement it pixel perfect

Intro - Who Am I

Web Server Setup
Create Server on Digital Ocean
  1. Activate Droplet with: Ubuntu 20.4 LTS, 1 CPU, 1 GB Mem, 25 GB SSD
  2. Update and upgrade all default packages with "apt update", "apt upgrade" and "apt autoremove"
Update DNS provider
  1. Configure the srvit.me domain dns with the Digital Ocean server IP address
Get mariaDB ready
  1. Use "apt install" to install mariaDB
  2. Secure mariaDB and setup Users
  3. Upload TVMazeDB dump to DO with SFTP
  4. Restore dump into mariaDB
  5. Secure mariaDB to only have localhost access
Get Python ready
  1. Use "apt update" to upgrade Python to 3.8.5
  2. Use "apt install" to install mariaDB dev options
  3. Use "pip3 install" to add mariadb python library
  4. Use "pip3 install" to add flask, pandas, cors, and other libraries used in the demo apps
  5. Use "pip3 install" to add Gunicorn to use as the webserver for the Flask based APIs
  6. Create gunicorn service info to be able to start gunicorn as a service
  7. Use "systemctl" to start and enable the gunicorn service
Get Apache2 ready
  1. Use "apt install" to install apache2
  2. Secure Apache2
  3. Edit the apache config to reflect the ServerName, etc.
Development Tools
  1. Mac Mini: 12 Core CPU, 64 MB Mem, 1 TB SSD, 30 TB RAID-5 HD
  2. macOS Catalina
  3. Home Network fully on VPN
  4. Internet Speed: 75Mbps, up and down
Pycharm (IDE)
  1. Pycharm supports all languages and tools used in these work examples:
    1. Python3
    2. HTML/CSS
    3. JavaScript
    4. React
    5. Flask
    6. MariaDB
  2. Pycharm integrates with:
    1. GitHub for automatic updates on commits
    2. SFTP for automatic deployment
  1. DBeaver is an open and free DB Management tool
  2. Support pretty much all DB providers
  3. The work examples only use mariaDB
  1. Transmit is a SFTP Manager
  2. Using rsa keys for security
  3. Automates repeating tasks
  1. Windows 10
  2. Visual Studio Pro
Github Repositories
Multiple Repositories Used:
  1. HTML/CSS/JavaScript Examples Click me
  2. React Example Click me
  3. Python Examples Click me

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