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Simple Demo Accessing APIs

Using the APIs from my TVMaze Management System

Technologies used:
APIs (Python3, MariaDB and Flask)
Browser (HTML5, CSS3, Plotly and JavaScript)

All Shows API

input: 'data-set' as integer. There are currently ~51 data-sets of a ~1000 shows in the system
output: A table with show info. Each set can contains up to 1000 shows and is initially divided into table pages of 25.

All Followed Shows API

'/apis/v1/shows/followed' returning: Shows Info of all shows with the Followed status

Find show via it's TVMaze ID API

'/apis/v1/show/id' returning: Show Info (id = integer)

Find show via it's Show Name API

'/apis/v1/show/name/showname' returning: Show Info (showname = string)

Not Implemented Yet


The Table will be here: displaying `${window.page_size}` records per table page

The Plot will be here